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About American Wudang

Cherry Blossum
"I try my best to be in an extreme emptiness of mind;
I try to keep myself in a state of stillness.
From the vigorous growth of all things,
I perceive the way they move in endless cycles.
All things, full of vitality, finally return to their own roots.
Returning to roots means stillness.
Returning to stillness means a return to destiny.
Returning to destiny is known as the law of eternity.
To understand this law is to achieve enlightenment.."
                                         --excerpt from Chapter 16 of the Dao De Jing

American Wudang

American Wudang has been created in order to fulfill the aspirations of patriarchs Jake Pinnick  and Ling Ling Cao in bringing a balanced lifestyle to the modern environment. By using a variety of experiences and skills it is the hope that AW will exist as a pivotal point in cultivating change towards a stronger, healthier, softer, and more stable method that will better the physical, mental, and spiritual landscape of all participants.
American Wudang will be the jumping off point for pathways to traditional thought, practice, concept, philosophy, and health based in the instruction of the arts of Wushu, Qigong, TaiJi, Meditation, Daoism, Music, Medicine, Theory, and Cooking
Cooking Classes
Cao Ling Ling
Chinese Cooking
Tai Chi Chuan
Ping Mao Zi Gen
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