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Ba Gua
Ba Gua

The Wudang Style

Welcome to our online store. Here we offer customization on tailor made outfits directly made, bought, and shipped from Wudangshan, China. We offer international shipping and the option to get your clothing customized exactly to your size and preference.  
Please visit the links above to read about how to make a purchase and the different styles that are available here on American Wudang.
Traditional Chinese Clothing

Tailor Made

Clothing custom made to your preference and size. Change the color, edit the design, choose the style, to add your own unique flavor.

Quality Threads

Fabric is either a cotton or cotton blend material. Very comfortable and long lasting. Can be made with double lining or thicker material for cool climate.

Breathe Easy

Styled clothes that are perfect for Martial Arts practice. Whether for the flowing moves of TaiJi or the quick techniques of Sword, the clothes offer the best range of motion and durability right alongside style.

Quality Service

We will work with each order directly to make sure all of the details have attention and clear communication. It is our hope that not only will you purchase quality clothing, but also that the experience will be as smooth as possible.

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