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About Zi Gen

Jake Pinnick (Daoist Name: 平懋资根, ping mao zi gen) is a 16th Generation Disciple of the Wudang San Feng Lineage. He began his training in the Wudang arts in 2010 and became a disciple under Master Yuan Xiu Gang in 2012. Jake was part of the first ever traditional foreigners class that studied for 5 years at the base of the Wudang Mountain. Today he continues his self practice and cultivation as he guides others as they themselves begin their journey through the Ways of Wudang.


Jake is from the Midwest of the US in a small town in Illinois. After graduating with honors and attending college through a scholarship, he was still searching for something that would engage and challenge his creative side that was constantly questioning the world. Eventually he started to question himself and what it was exactly that could drive him into a successful and balanced existence. In a train of thought that brought him to an article written by Master Yuan Xiu Gang, Jake discovered that in whatever path he chose he had to make sure that he was balanced and healthy on a physical level before he began the journey searching out his life's true meaning. Master Yuan's article, within a few words, described exactly how Jake was feeling preparing to enter the world on his own and how learning martial arts might be the perfect thing to study. Quietly, he meditated on this and eventually came to the realization that he had to seek out Master Yuan. It would be an adventure, and it would offer a unique tool in arranging the pieces of his life in order to see the big picture.
In the summer of 2010, Jake finally began his trip to China. Then, after only six months of intense training, Master Yuan gave Jake permission to join in the traditional foreigners class offered at the academy. This was the original goal for Jake, and he pushed to prove himself both to his Master and to his new brothers and sisters.
For the next four years, Jake lived, trained, ate, traveled, studied, practiced, performed, and enjoyed his time alongside his kungfu family. He diligently learned and became well versed in all aspects of Wudang Martial Arts, both internal and external with and without weapons, as well as studied Daoist belief, scripture, chanting, Chinese medicine, some calligraphy, and even picked up a decent amount of Mandarin.
During his study, after 3 years of training, Jake followed the traditional path along with his classmates and was inducted as a member of the 16 Generation of San Feng Pai. This honor came as Jake was realizing that this was no longer simply a means to become physically healthy. Training and uncovering the intricacies of body, mind, and spirit was developing into a lifelong commitment. One that Jake had now found a strong drive for. Bestowed with discipleship, his pledge to preserve, share, and hope to enhance the Wudang Arts was now resolved.
The training was brutal at times, both physically and mentally, but Jake and the class persevered until their graduation in 2014. Now, Jake is determined to fulfill his responsibility as a 16th Generation Disciple of San Feng Pai. It is his wish to transmit the ideals of Wudang External and Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Culture, and Chinese Traditions. It is his firm belief that such a practice will not only lead to a healthier lifestyle, but also will coordinate your body, mind, and spirit in a balanced and stable way that will, in turn, help one to reach longevity, correct posture, remedy dis-'ease', attain balance, understand the body landscape, and help one to realize their full potential.

Current Teaching

Currently, Jake is back in Wudang at Master Yuan's academy continuing his study in music while also leading classes at the school as a coach to the Health Class students. Jake has the unique advantage of not just a wealth of experience but also a background similar to other foreigners in that the culture, training, philosophy, concepts, and even food were at one time completely new to him. With a common language and a common history, Jake is adept at being able to guide students through the arts. 
If you would like to get in touch and inquire about training, you can contact us directly here, or visit the academy page, Wudang Wushu, for more information.
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