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The Way of Wudang - Through the Mind

Getting started on the journey through Wudang arts begins with the mind. Knowledge is a direct path towards the goal of self cultivation. It is the first step in fully understanding the landscape and network of our body and nature. As a Daoist, martial arts, practitioner, or artist in general, it is important to study the respective classics and cultivate an awareness of the dialogue surrounding the practice that we are engaged in. We respect and honor those that came before us by studying their methods and history.
In this way, the mind is the first door we must open in our practice at American Wudang. It is our wish that this page will continue to be a jumping off point to share in the academic and experiential study in all things related to San Feng Pai, Daoism, Wudang Wushu, Neigong, Chinese Culture, and more. 
Above you will find links to articles written on various subjects as well as a page for book recommendations that are good sources for information and study. 
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