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The Way of Wudang - Through the Body

The bulk of training with American Wudang is centered around practice with the body. True, every aspect of training is related to the body as our main focus is on eventually attuning our senses inward and becoming aware and sensitive to the problems we have as individuals and work in an appropriate manner to create solutions for them. In this way, our practice is replacing bad habits with good ones. One way that we reinforce these habits is through external and internal practice with the body. 
We work with external practices to "break" the body down and rebuild it with clear circulation and strong foundations. Only then does the internal cultivation begin. We must peel away the layers of our conscious mind and bring our awareness from the superficial to the deep and potentially hidden aspects of our being. With basic training, we begin this process. With forms, we build stamina, flexibility, strength, coordination, power, endurance, and more. With time, we advanced and improve these systems. With Qigong and TaiJi, we begin to connect these aspects to a deeper sense of our practice, integrating concepts into our reactions and habits. With mastery over our practice, we gain understanding of ourselves.
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