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Currently, Instructor Jake (Zi Gen) is in Wudang teaching and training in the Wudang Arts at Master Yuan's school. You can get in touch to see about joining training with him at WDTKA by clicking here. Ling Ling is also teaching cooking courses there periodically as well. Please follow our social media accounts and revisit our website as we post more material to learn from and we begin our journey to bring Wudang to the USA (click here for info).
Otherwise, you can begin your study with American Wudang with all of our online material on Martial Arts, Music, and Cooking Instruction. We continue to update regularly and hope to expand our media soon. You can also support our on going projects by becoming a patron through the link below.
Tiger Fist
Learn traditional Wudang Wushu of the San Feng Lineage from an experienced instructor who learned directly from the roots of the system in Wudang, China.
Chinese Flute
Learn how to play the Xiao, the traditional bamboo flute. Harmony is just a few clicks away with guides on the basics, notation, and sheet music to get started.
Chinese Cuisin
Diet and nutrition is half of the battle when it comes to fitness and quality of life. Learn how to make your kitchen into the place where all of the training begins and ends.
American Wudang has many other sources of information available throughout our website. Learn more in our Articles and About sections.
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