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The Ways of Wudang

Dragon Guardian
Dragon Guardian

Welcome to the Ways of Wudang

Here you will find a way to connect with different paths to experience the philosophies, training, methods, and spirit of Wudang. With American Wudang, you can find information not only on our Lineage and our traditional martial arts training, but also on the music, cooking, and styles of Wudang. We believe that for one to truly cultivate harmony with nature we must not only know of healthy physical habits and exercise but also we must know how to take care of our bodies as well as how to take care of our emotions. Mind, body, and spirit, our goal is to connect these realms of existence into one so that we may begin to grow and reach a better understanding of true balance and strong foundations. 
Brewing Tea
Acupuncture old book
Bamboo Flute
Chinese Cookig
Daoist Clothing
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