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Ba Gua

The Way to Health - Chinese Cuisine

Join us as we embark on a culinary journey through authentic, traditional Chinese cooking techniques with Ling Ling Cao, our resident Chef.
Ling Ling is a Chinese national who grew up in central China in Shaanxi Province. She was raised with the traditions of Chinese cooking. Chinese culture is tightly knit with family values and community. One of the major ways that Chinese friends and family honor each other is in the age old tradition of sharing a meal. Whether it is a simple noodle breakfast, afternoon tea, or an extravagant holiday feast, you can always find Chinese descendants coming together to enjoy the aromatic dishes and the welcoming company. Through AW, we are bringing this tradition to the west. Not only do we teach how to fully prepare authentic, delicious Chinese food, we also strive to get communities, friends, and family to reattach themselves to healthy living and to spend some quality time connecting with those around them. In such a fast paced world, preparing and sharing a meal is a phenomenally grounding method to get back to your roots and slow down. Along the way, we can discover new tastes and new ways to bring everyone together.
Events are hosted by AW and taught with the unique perspective of Ling Ling Cao and her years of experience. Back in China, Ling Ling would visit the local markets and farmers daily to arrange the perfect blend of vegetables, meats, spices, and more for each meal of the day. This active involvement in the community defines a special relationship between the food you purchase and the overall health of your body and mind.  The Chinese understand this and so create their dishes with variety and fresh ingredients. After all, the classic way to greet someone on the street is to ask, "你吃饭了吗?Which literally translates to, "Have you eaten?" If the answer is no, don't be surprised if you are whisked away to a dinner table bustling with people and good conversation.​
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