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Ba Gua

Cooking Classes

Currently, Ling Ling and Jake are in Wudang at Master Yuan's school, the Wudangshan Daoist Traditional Kungfu Academy. There, alongside teaching kungfu courses, instructing students in basic music practice, and lecturing on Daoist concepts, they are also hosting cooking courses on traditional homemade Chinese dishes. 
Classes are held weekly in group settings. Private classes are also available for students who are only in Wudang for a short time.
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Chinese Cuisine
Ling Ling is happy to share her wealth of Chinese cooking experience and bring these healthy meal plans to all who are interested. In the past, American Wudang has had the opportunity to share such with many people. One of these moments was shared with Kungfu Quebec in 2016.
In the summer of 2016, we traveled to Quebec, Canada for a over a week of intensive workshops to bring with us a piece of Chinese culture, practice, and lifestyle. Part of this was us bringing the best part, traditional cooking.
Three days and a bakers dozen dishes later, we had a very excited group of people ready to attack their kitchens with a renewed vigor.
With Ling Ling's expertise we took a full room of people and brought their attention down to each pinch of salt added, explained the basics to Chinese seasoning, taught the kneading of bread by hand, and brought them from preparation all the way to dishes heaping  with delicious food.
With the help of Kungfu Quebec, we hosted at a culinary school and, night by night, went through a full meals worth of different dishes. In this way we were able to utilize Quebec's available markets, fresh food, and local community. Making it easy for the locals to follow in our footsteps after our eventual return stateside.
It was a fun and jam packed week. Everyone was able to take something home with them and, along with their notes, begin planning their new and improved approach to healthy, home cooked meals.
The energy this event created was exactly what AWCC strives to achieve. We brought healthy alternatives to a modern city overflowing with the growing tendency of fast foods and quick bites. Quebec is a beautiful city with so many fresh markets and a rich culture of cooking styles. We were very glad to be able to add something to the mix and we had a blast doing it!
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