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The Way of Wudang - Through the Mind

Below, you will find a list of recommended reading if you are interested in delving into the different aspects of martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, neigong theory, Daoism, or any other of the fundamental aspects of self cultivation through a Wudang Daoist perspective. Follow the links to purchase through Amazon or to find more information.
Web That Has No Weaver

The Web That Has No Weaver

One of the most comprehensive introductions to Chinese Medicine and theory. This book is an easily digested version of complex practices and offers a unique explanation in terms that encourage the reader to think in a vivid pattern that is fundamental towards TCM understanding. Any interested in beginning their journey or expanding perspective on advanced practice will benefit from adding this book to your library.
Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven And Earth

Another great book to get started on the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine. These concepts are integral to continued study in Daoist practices as the concepts of medicine and listening to the body are characteristics that are repeated throughout self cultivation methods. The imagery and framework that Between Heaven and Earth puts you in will be very valuable as your continue advancing your study.
Yellow Emperor

The Yellow Emperor's Classic

The Yellow Emperor's Canon is the main trove of knowledge on Chinese Medicine and theory. It is done as a traditional question and answer commentary between master and disciple. This is the cornerstone of all branches of TCM. This translation is very well done but do note that the book is full of information from cover to cover which can make it a dense read. A must have to use as a reference of sorts and revisit from time to time to get back to the roots of modern dialogue.
Dao De Jing

The Book of Tao and Teh

One of my personal favorite translations of the Dao De Jing. Zhengkun accomplishes a remarkable task of carrying the meaning of the Dao De Jing from Chinese to English in an expertly arranged translation. Alongside Chinese and Pinyin, the delivery of this ancient book is easily understood and true to its origins. Because of this approach, this translation is much more adept and free of the modern errors that complicate the chapters and muddy the message as they strive to make it fit a more modern poetic, sing-song, format. This version loses none of the magic of the Dao while still keeping as pure of a version as can be possible in words alive.
I Ching

The Complete I Ching

Alfred Huang combines a wealth of experience and lifelong effort into this edition of the I Ching. Published alongside commentary both traditional and modern, The Complete I Ching, is a great all-you-need-to-know book on this ancient form of divination. Get this book and reference it as much as possible in your own practice. Every time you read it again, it is as if the first time all over.
Trying Not To Try

Trying Not To Try

A wonderful walkthrough and explanation of Chinese philosophy through the dynasties of China. Slingerland has a great method of characterizing and bringing these beliefs to life and showing how they grow, stumble, win, and fail, in their respective time. Showing a single philosophy in its true light is a great feat, but being able to simultaneously compare and contrast it with the versions of its counterparts, ancestors, and eventual evolved versions, is a remarkable talent and executed with precision like none other in this book. It comes across effortlessly, as words on Wu Wei should appropriately be.
Potent Points

Acupressure's Potent Points

A great reference on basic and important points to stimulate for specific ailments. Acupressure is one of the first self healing methods that everyone should attune their minds to as it is a perfect complement to preemptive and rehabilitative health practices. This book is full of uniform explanations within a easily navigated format. Making it a quick go to guide for important points and a great first perspective on bring such study to life and real hands on practice.
Daoist Tradition

The Daoist Tradition

For those history buffs out there, The Daoist Tradition by Komjathy is a great edition covering the evolution of Daoism. Well research and well annotated, this book is worth a read. The Daoist Tradition has a rich a dense history. Studying this book will give you a better framework how Daoism has and continues to be influenced.
Essential TCM

The Essential Book of TCM

Full of great explanations and details on the whole practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Goes into more detail that the average introduction to the concepts and the information is well received once a strong foundation has been laid. This book also gets into some methods of diagnosis which can show one how these concepts have real world value.
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