How To Purchase

Order are currently on custom order only. The gallery on the next page "Custom Clothing" will give you an idea of some specific styles that are available for order. You can always adapt the styles to different variations and color.
Below you will find a general guide on making you order. Once you have a good idea of what you would like to order visit our "Make An Order" page to get details and contact us through email to begin the process.

Style Variations 


There are a few different fabrics to consider when making an order. The basic two variations will be a cotton and a cotton blend fabric. The cotton is an all natural fabric that breathes easy in hot weather and fits very comfortably and light. The cotton blend is typically a more rough and dense fabric better suited for Autumn and Winter weather. This fabric can be used in clothing with single or double lining. There are a few other specialty fabrics but the cotton variations are the most widely used and of the best quality. Both fabrics are very durable and the clothing holds up to intense training very well. However, in washing the colors, lights and darks should be separated and washed on cool cycles as some color may bleed out in the initial washes. Whites will definitely want to be washed delicately. Hand washing is always preferred but they can be machine washing given that colors are separated appropriately.


There are many different colors to choose from. The traditional colors of choice are most often blue, black, and white. Although there is also red, pink, orange, brown, green, grey, and tan, as well as darker and lighter versions of each. When making you order, please specify the color you prefer and we can work with you to make the best decision. 

Open or Closed Cuffs

The ends of the sleeves have to option to be done in a variety of sleeves. There are open cuffs and closed cuffs. Open cuffs have a slight flare and are loose at the wrist. These can have a roll back cuff to accent a different color or be a simple open end. Closed cuffs normally have two knotted buttons at the end to secure the sleeve at the wrist.


Some outfits can include a designated length. This style variation is typically reserved for the Daoist robes and select jackets. The lengths can either be regular, mid thigh, or mid calf lengths. For a more traditional look, the length is increased, while a more conservative look in a higher cut. The longer length is a good look for a special outfit. Something used for TaiJi practice, or tea ceremony, or a personal ritual. It is not as efficient of a style when is comes to regular training, but it is always nice to have a traditional look for special occasions.


To add a small piece of accentuation, you may also choose to add an edging in a separate color. This helps the piece to stand out a little more and can be either done in a select area or run the entire length of the outfit. This effect can also be done to the knotted buttons themselves. Making a separate color in these subtle ways makes an outfit that much more unique and specific to your preferences.

More Customization

There are many other ways that the clothing may be edited or the design altered if you so wish. We will work with you personally on your order and work to get all of the details just how you would like them. Again, we have styles and photos throughout our website and on the "Custom Clothing" page you will find a collected gallery of most of the variations. Many clothing can be altered to be in a men's or women's fit. If you find something that you like and would like to have tailor made that is not on our website, we can still create it for you. The tailors here in Wudang are very professional and the list we have listed herein is not a complete catalog of their skills. We are very happy to work on projects and come up with something special for you.