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Custom Clothing

Below you will find examples of some of the traditional outfits that can be tailor made and ordered directly from Wudang. While you will find some designs here and the list will be updated periodically, it is by no means an exhaustive list. Many styles are similar for Men's and Women's, only the cut will be altered to fit more appropriate. If you find variations or have concepts of your own that are similar to those here, please communicate so and we can work together to design the right outfits for you. Each style is available in thin or thick fabric. One being cotton and one being a cotton blend. The outfits are also easy to order double thickness for warmer clothing for colder climates and are always easily altered to many different colors as to you preference. 

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Reversible Casual

Casual top made with reversible style and alternating colors. Made with roll back cuffs to match the buttons on one side and hand made knots on the other. 
Can be one layer with a simple style or add another inside to get the reversible design and add some variety to your wardrobe. 

Traditional Slant Top

The traditional Daoist garb. Can be made in a variety of colors, but stick with the traditional Blue, White, or Black and you can't go wrong. 
This style can also be made in different lengths. Cuffs or no cuffs adds one last detail to the customization.
Regular - slightly below waist line
Medium - to mid thigh
Long - to mid calf

Styled Cuffs

Basic Straight cut top with styled cuffs. Add a little flare to the your outfit with a unique edge. Available in a variety of colors with special design. 
You can also just substitute a solid color for the open cuff to pull the whole outfit together.

Edged Straight Cut

Example of a regular straight cut outfit. Traditional style can be made a solid color or can also be made with outlined edges as shown in the gallery here. 
This is a popular style that is casual enough for the enthusiast and TaiJi practitioner but also professional for everyday wear as well.

Simple Straight Cut

Back to basics with the traditional style. Ready to go training or join friends for tea. This is an everyday wear style that is the epitome of Chinese style.
Available in all colors.
Traditional box pockets can be added on the front to complete the design.

False Double Top

For true style, this top has a false outer layer that accents a basic straight cut in one outfit. Shown here in a brown outside and black inside, this style looks best with a solid color. White, black, blue, and grey all make this design stand out.
Exceptional concept and can be made double layered as a heavy jacket for cooler weather training.

Half Slant Traditional

Double lined professional Daoist jacket. Tailor made with short knots for a simple and elegant look. Can be made with or without hidden side pockets. 

Tear Drop Top

A special design to to add a little style to a simple natural top. The tear drop cut out has one button at the top to make this top stand out. Can be made in any color. Looks best in long sleeve but can be short sleeve as well.

Long Straight Jacket

Back to the roots with this long jacket with straight buttons down the center. Tailor made with edged lines and a slight flare on the sleeves. Side cuts up the leg length to make this jacket comfortable for TaiJi training. 

Long Slant Jacket

A beautiful look with clusters of three buttons to bring balance to a traditional jacket. Best done with open cuffs and a pearl style button to make the edge stand out. 

Reversible Jacket

A unique take on the traditional top to give you the chance to have two different colors to choose from or to have an inner liner that accents the jacket. Buttons done in alternating colors to add that last bit of complement.