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YuXu Gong

Yuxu Gong is a huge landmark of Wudang. The temple was originally built in 1413. Since then it has weathered two dynasties and a few accidents resulting in the original prestige of the temple grounds, before boasting  2,000 rooms, to be reduced to ruins and only a few standing structures. Since its induction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the temple has undergone massive restorations with the plan to return the grounds to their original splendor.
Yu Xu Temple
Temple Build
YuXu Gong
In only two short years, from starting in 2010, one of the main buildings of Yuxu Gong has been completely restored. This massive one room temple holds eleven statues and shows the high standard and beautiful craftsmanship of this traditional Chinese building through the hand painted interior and exterior. ​
Although, these are not the only restorations that have been done. One of the first details of the restoration was returning the stone pavilions to their former glory as well. Two surviving pavilions, each housing a giant stone tortoise bearing a stone tablet on their backs, were before deteriorated and in bad shape. The project rebuilt the once burned down roofs to guard these giant relics from the weather they had endured for such a long time.
Other restorations have been done to the massive courtyard walls, inside walkways, and a project was even put in process in 2012 to plant hundreds of trees throughout the grounds.​
Since the opening of Master Yuan Xiu Gangs school, the Wudang Daoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy, in 2004, Yuxu Gong has also been the exclusive training grounds to all students who come to learn from him. The school is located directly next door to this cultural relic. After the short walk to the front gates, all of the students of the academy have access to the huge courtyards and space the temple has to offer. Training is six days a week all year round, weather permitting.
In addition to having the grounds for training purposes, the students have the opportunity at times to be part of other happenings that pass through Yuxu Gong. The students have been featured in magazines, newspapers, national and international television, and have done countless performances for the government and public alike.
Yu Xu Temple 2012
Dragon Fist
Temple Opening Ceremony
Through September and October of 2012 Wudang witnessed a massive celebration of Yuxu Gongs 600 Year Anniversary. The event  brought together people from all over China and the globe to pay tribute. The event was not a one day event. It was spread out into over a month of performances, tours, celebrations, ceremonies, and other events that rang out through the Wudang Mountains and Yuxu Gong itself.
The celebration also gave way the biggest collective meeting of Daoists in China. Thousands of people came to visit the temples and take part in this historical landmark. 
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